Rest in Peace, Driveclub - Kinda Funny Games Daily 04.01.19

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Tim and Greg talk about Driveclub being removed from the PSN and its servers being shutdown, r/Games closing for the day, and more!

Time Stamps -
00:02:34 - Housekeeping
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The Roper Report -
00:04:20 - DriveClub Servers shutting down in 2020, Robert Ramsey @ Push Square
00:06:15 Best Friend Q. - On Friday Sony announced that Driveclub will be removed from the PSN on August 31st 2019, and the servers will be shut down permanently on March 31st, 2020. The list of features that will no longer function for the game is quite extensive, as it was designed with online play as its focal point. As exciting as an all digital future is, shouldn't news like this give us pause for multiple reasons? - Black Jack
00:25:28 - r/Games Closes for the day
00:34:40 - SEGA Genesis Mini Coming, Matthew Handrahan @ GIB
00:36:52 - Sony Changes PS4 Refund Policy, Steve Watta @ GameSpot
00:38:50 Best Friend Q. - What if Sony is making an all digital version of the PS5, maybe even the PS4 as well, and they realized how much more money they could make buy cutting out the middleman and forcing people to buy their digital games through PSN. - Dylan (AKA TheDmon AKA The big Dill
00:43:09 - Swatting Dude Gets 20 years, Roxana Hegeman @ AP
00:43:20 - Out today
00:43:58 - 23 & Me
00:45:45 - Skillshare
Reader mail -
00:48:25 - What are some of your favorite April Fools pranks? Have you fell for any? Have any of you produced an April Fools prank? Greg, was creating The Roper Report any different today? - 2038 Pokémon CEO
00:53:19 - Has there ever been a game that frustrated you so much that you have actually made a controller meet its maker? - Tanner richards
00:56:00 - Squad Up: 2038 Pokémon CEO (Pokémon Go) - 7628 0137 4264
00:57:00 - You‘re Wrong
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